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"SMART building" - probably the most appropriate term to describe the "La Tour Alto" skyscraper in the Parisian district of "La Défense", completed in 2020. A 160-meter-high architectural and technological masterpiece with 38 floors and a surface area of around 52 000 m² adorns the Parisian office district and sets an example in the field of "sustainable construction".

The goal of the Permasteelisa construction group, in collaboration with IF Architects and SRA Architects, was to build a skyscraper with high-end technology that best fits its surroundings and combines sustainability with aesthetics and functionality.

It may not be the tallest tower in its immediate vicinity, but it is the most charming, and its shape, geometry and general design makes it stand out from the other structures.

When you first look at the structure, you immediately notice that the tower gains usable space as its height increases. The ground floor has a usable area of 600 m², whereas the top floor has an area of 1800 m². Each floor is, therefore, larger than the one below.

The characteristic feature and high recognition value of the tower is the unique custom-made, double-skin insulated façade, which has already been awarded the "WiredScore Platinum" award.

Thanks to the double insulated façade installed in the tower, consisting of a total of 3700 units, the air is drawn into the interior of the tower via the façade and also expelled via the same way. Therefore, the building does not need an air-conditioning unit, which normally circulates the air in a building.
Such a structure provides the characteristic appearance of the tower, giving it its identity and setting it apart from the other buildings in its immediate surroundings.

But it is not only the façade and the general structure of the tower that speak for sustainable and modern development, but also the interior of the tower. Spread over the 38 floors, modern offices, wellness and fitness areas and a wide variety of restaurants and catering services can be found.

The harmonious overall picture of neutral design and modernity is accompanied down to the last detail. The Karcher Design bestseller Rhodos ER28 door handle continues this overall picture thanks to its matt and simple design in satin stainless steel and thus fuses with the doors in "La Tour Alto". The use of the Rhodos ER28 handle in satin stainless steel on our durable 3-piece rosette harmoniously rounds off the interior of the tower. The simple, timeless and classic design of the category 3 handle, adapts to the modern environment with its rounded shapes and further complements the design of the interior with high-quality modern door fittings.

The generally considerable potential of the tower in itself goes hand in hand with its modern and simple interior design and draws from its surroundings a new point of attention.


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