Double win for Mission Invisible

Our new "Mission Invisible" collection was nominated for the Callwey Award in May 2021 and received the award in the category "Solution of the Year 2021" in October 2021. But it didn’t stop at achieving just one award.

The Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) annually honour the most outstanding products from the construction, landscape and decoration sectors. This year's nominated products were assessed and divided into four main criteria: Design, Originality, Use and Technology.

Once again, our product range, consisting of the newly developed mini-rosettes and the bespoke design models Soho, Boston and Brooklyn, were outstanding in all four main criteria and was subsequently awarded the MIAW Award 2021 in the interior design category.

Due to the minimalist design of the mini-rosette, which is just 30mm in diameter and only 2mm thick, it almost completely disappears behind the door handles. Since the "Mission Invisible" reduces the door fitting to a minimum and appears virtually invisible, it makes the door handle an appealing design option. Simplicity in design is the main focal point of the door handles.

Not only our best-selling door handle models; Rhodos ER28 and Seattle ER46Q strike in combination with the "Mission Invisible" rosette. In homage to the very popular model Seattle ER46Q, the Boston ER58 model was developed. Similarly, parallel lines speak for modern simplicity, which is fully exploited in combination with the square mini-rosette. Compared to the model Seattle, the handle of the Boston model is flatter adding to its minimalism. The handle neck also widens towards the door in a vertical direction to reduce the visibility of the mini-rosette.

In collaboration with the Italian product designer Itamar Harari, the Soho ER57 and Brooklyn ER59 models have been designed to merge the door handle and mini-rosette into one unit. In addition, the new colour tone Polaris White blends the door handle models into the timeless trend of white doors, making the door fitting almost invisible.

A total of six door handle models are available in satin stainless steel, the multiple award-winning Cosmos Black surface and in the brand new Polaris White finishes.

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